Rick Rushing and company spread the blues news at JJ’s Bohemia – Oct. 18

In the two decades since his father refused to let him take up the saxophone, Rick Rushing says he’s learned to accept Mick Jagger’s wisdom that what you need and what you want aren’t always the same thing.

“[He thought] there were some not-so-savory things in the evening time that happened with musicians. I think he was trying to keep me from getting involved in that lifestyle,” explains Rushing, who now heads up local blues trio The Blues Strangers.

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Artist Press Items

“Bob Payne However, Rick Rushing and The Blues Strangers are for real. Do you like the Blues? I mean real blues, with great guitar work. If you do, then get on out to the Mudpie on Frazier Avenue tonight and see this band play. If you are aficionado of great guitar playing, then you wont be disappointed. The three-piece band also features a bass guitar and drummer. I loved their song selection, with some blues standards, plus a few covers jazzed up to be blues songs. They even bluesified the old Classic’s IV song, Spooky. They did a great Blues version of I Saw Her Standing There – the Beatles classic. Throw in a little Stevie Ray Vaughan, and you have a great Blues night. Why not go out tonight at 9:00 p.m. and see for yourself? ”
Bob Payne – The

“Rick Rushing and the Blues Strangers never met one on a given Sunday at Frazier Avenue’s Mudpie. Mild and beautiful weather suits the slower, romantic tempo of Rushing’s Romantic Man Blues. He croons in vain about the lack of communication between himself and a woman who cannot possibly know what she is missing. Sundown sees the band rise to the mood, the music, and the muscle of the melody. Rick’s voice has become cast in gravel with an intensity reserved for those artists perfectly in time and in tune with their instrument and amp. Clapton’s Layla peeks in for a very low key performance. Wait. Low key? This band has never heard the word. Rushing’s crowd cannot stand still for it. Hints of reggae have come to play; the Stir It Up needs no direction. All Stray Cats have new, renovated homes at the Mudpie, and not even Michael Jackson would argue with Billie Jean in the end. ”
Io Maria Hayden – Sunday Blues Strangers Observations